The company that makes Wolf Dress Forms just re-opened after closing its doors in October 2017. Because of its quality and accuracy, the Wolf Form is used by the designers , manufacturers, and the fashion schools throughout the world.

When Wolf closed their doors we were slammed with requests from people looking for replacement parts for their Wolf forms or to have them repaired.

While we frequently have used Wolf forms and parts for sale at Mannequin Madness, which you can find under used male or used female dress forms, we do not repair them.

For the short period of time that Wolf went out of business the demand for our used Wolf forms went through the roof. All we have left are these these miniature male Wolf Dress forms for $100 each.

To receive an email notification for the next time we get more Wolf mannequins in stock, click on this link.

If you need a sewing form not but can’t afford a Wolf, the Roxy brand that we carry is extremely popular and we have them in men, women, plus size and children’s sizes.




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