The Floral Headdresses  Beyonce and Rihanna wore on Vogue this month were made out of real flowers and were so over the top they were more like a floral sculptures than a headdress.

You’ll need a slightly scaled down version in order to wear the headdress in daily life, that doesn’t mean it will be any less dramatic. And by using faux flowers instead of real ones, you can wear the headdress for years.

Below are resources to “Get Their Look For Less”- where you can either make one yourself or buy a custom made one.

Option 1 D.I.Y. by watching Youtube.

We found these two YouTube videos which featured the more avant-garde style headdress of Ri and Bey.

This one is by Make-up By Axel.

And this one by Irene Rudnyk:



Option 2 – Take a headdress workshop

If you’d like some one on one instruction to make yours AND want someone else to source the materials, take a headdress class that you can find on Eventbrite or at a DIY creative space.

In the San Francisco Bay Area (cue the song, if you are going to San Francisco wear some flowers in your hair) a Headdress Workshop is offered twice a month at Mannequin Madness where there are lots of mannequin heads for you to practice on.

Option 3

If you aren’t crafty or don’t have the time to make your own, you can  buy one online or on Etsy. Many of the vendors listed below will customize the headdress for your needs.

There are a gazillion vendors selling floral crowns on Etsy, but we like these vendors because whose style is more over the top.

Note: since these items are one of a kind, the product in the photo may be sold out, which is why we included the shop name.

These are a few of the styles by  MadebyTaramae, the resident artist and instructor of the The HeaddressWorkshop at Mannequin Madness. In addition to floral crowns, she does fantasy headdresses for cosplay, day of the dead and headdresses for bridal wear.


This one you can purchase from Wigs of Wonder

This one from Scarlett Harlow



Flower crowns have been a symbol of love, fertility and celebration throughout history and around the world. They are so easy to personalize and can be worn to a variety of occasions.


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