The zip tie halo headdress are all over Etsy, but so many of them look alike. At the Headdress Workshop we are always exploring ways to make our headdress look unique. Whether they are making a headdress at our crafting parties or buying one of our custom designs made by our resident artist Hector V.

So here are five ways that Hector V. put a new twist on the halo zip tie headdress.

First here is exhibit A, the style that started trending after Amber Herd wore it to the 2018 Met Gala. This is a very budget version of the halo headdress Beyonce wore at 2017 Grammy’s. 

#1 Keeping with the angelic madonna theme, Hector made two gold halo headdresses.  One to wear as a collar around your neck. And then added roses, xmas ornaments and gold stars for the halo to wear on your head. A celestial aura surrounds you! 

Look how the mood changes when he removed the collar and attached long black mesh fabric to the headdress. 

#2 Hector likes to explore with colors instead of staying wit the gold theme. The color palette of these zip ties along with the addition of cowrie shells, gives the headdress a futuristic Afro-Punk vibe. 

And with this style headdress you can also wear it as a collar. So you get two looks in one.

 3   Here is another version of the Afro Punk theme, this time with feathers and beads in addition to the cowrie shells. And red and black zip ties instead of green and black.    This zip tie headdress can also be worn as a collar. 

  1. For a Day of the Dead themed headdress Hector bought tiny sugar sculls from the dollar store, painted them and put them in the center of the headdress. He also added gold ornaments and changed the placement of the cowrie shells from at  the base of the headband to the tips of the zip ties.

 Here is a close up. In addition to black and gold colored zip ties he added pink straws. Cause we believe you don’t have to spend a lot to look like you spent a lot.   

#5 While on the zip ties aren’t that visible on this headdress, they do form the foundation of the look. He used zip ties to gather small bundles of straws and secure them to the headband.  Then covered the headband in tiny white flowers.

 This too makes an interesting statement piece jewelry when worn around the collar. 

If you like what you see, you can purchase them on our site or you can come to one of our crafting parties and design your own. Who knows what Hector will come up with next? We can guarantee it will be something unique! 


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