We designed this gold headdress using zip ties and gold roses and embellishments as a budget friendly version——-

Of this iconic headdress that Beyonce wore at the 2017 Grammy’s when she was pregnant with her twins.

Her nine-minute long art piece at the Grammy’s was dripping with religious allegories and references to the most mystifying women. You basically got a mini-lesson in female deities and didn’t even realize it. Read about it in this post from Refinery29.

The significance of this headdress definitely struck a chord with women as it is still trending 3 years after Beyonce wore it! 

It is the most popular style headdress that women make when they take a class at The Headdress Workshop.  Here two examples of the many versions our students have made.

They made these in just 2 hours using a glue gun and our amazing selection of materials.

And when The Headdress Workshop had a booth (sponsored by Walmart) at the Black Joy Parade in Oakland, Ca women stood in line to pay at $1.00 to have their photo taken wearing the headdress at the photo booth.

The photo booth had the hashtag #Reign On which is the perfect metaphor for this headdress.

Cause it makes every woman who wears it feel like a queen.

And every little girl feel like a future queen

This is just one more example of the popularity of the reign of Queen Bey.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, come to the Headdress Workshop in Oakland and make your custom crown. Or if you are out of the area you can purchase one of our custom made ones here.


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