This is my series devoted to the real life models who became Rootstein mannequins. The mannequins are also dressed in attire that provides a little bit of fashion history.

For more details on why I love Rootstein Mannequins and why I started this series, please read the first three posts in the series.

Janet Suzman, this mannequin is custom refinished retrofitted, pose. Janet Suzman was on one pose in Lazy Lizzy Series, code Z10, here the head retrofit to pose H4 torso and legs from Classy Lady Long Legs Series and arms and hands retrofitted from pose M5 Runway Geo Series. Rarely does one see the complete Z10 pose.

Dame Janet Suzman, of British South African lineage, model, actress of stage (Royal Shakespeare Company), film, television, director and author.

She is styled in Giorgio Armani jacket, Alexander McQueen dress, Karl Lagerfeld shoes and multi color pearls.

Ardelle from Nomads Series, pose code NM4, circa 1999. Ardelle was the cover model on the Rootstein catalog. The series had 12 poses and Ardelle was poses NM2 and NM4, and low heel option was available in Nomads II Series featured 9 poses all from original series, but with 1″ heel, in that series Ardelle was poses, NM22 and NM24.

Ardelle is styled in Patrick Kelly suit (his designs have been exhibited at museums, notably The Philadelphia Museum of Art, featured “Patrick Kelly Runway of Love”. Bette Davis was a friend and client, always wore his designs and mentioned him by name in interviews) shoes Louis Vuitton and vintage jewelry.

Rootstein Mannequin, Kim Harris, from Body Gossip Series, pose code X2 circa 1979. Kim Harris pose X3 was also part of the Classics Series. A photograph of Kim by David Bailey CBE (husband of Catherine Dyer, also Rootstein model) is in the London National Portrait Gallery.

Kim is styled in a Pucci dress ( about 1949 Neiman Marcus stores, liked Pucci scarves and convinced Pucci to make blouses in same colors and patterns as the scarves), Gucci shoes and vintage pearls.

This is Catherine Dyer, from the Places and Spaces Series, pose code V6, circa 1984. Catherine was also in Calendar Girls Series, circa 1986.

Catherine Dyer is a model and married to Photographer David Bailey, CBE.

Catherine Dyer is styled in Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress. This dress and print pattern was rereleased for RBG biopic, “on the basis of sex” in which actress Felicity Jones wears a actual vintage version of this dress in a scene from the movie. Peacock Pearls, Ellen Tracy shoes.

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