I am still continuing to add updates to the vintage Rootstein mannequin series I started last year to distract me during Covid lockdown.

The collector who provided the photo’s and the content for the series continues to acquire more vintage Rootstein mannequins. So there is always more history to share. This one is about Tracey Leigh one of his favorites.

I believe my collector has a total of 8 of them in various poses. Tracey is a favorite of many vintage clothing collectors/retailers because of her petite size. She is smaller than most other Rootstein mannequins.

Here are some factoids about her. Ms. Tracy Leigh Series, circa 1981. Tracy Leigh was available as pose codes TL1 through TL8. A factory alternative head of Kathy Taylor was able as pose codes TL11 through TL18. Note if the pose was to be ordered with glass eyes, the letter G was added to the end of each pose code when placing a order, and then specify blue or brown eyes.

Additional note, “Glass Eyes” were only a option for United States , Rootstein customers and were installed at the Brooklyn Rootstein factory. Purportedly Adel Rootstein was opposed to the alteration / instillation of “Glass Eyes” in her name sake mannequins. Several retailers, Macy’s and I.Magnin were customers of Rootstein, that requested “Glass Eyes”.

Additional factory modifications were, 4 1/2″ Heels, 2 1/2″ Heels and 1″ Heels on pose codes TL1 through TL5B for Tracy Leigh head, and pose codes TL11 through TL15B for Kathy Taylor head. Another factory custom order was for Saks Fifth Avenue, they had a custom head sculpt, “Lori” installed on their Tracy Leigh Series poses. The “Lori” head was also on Sayoko Series and Wallspace Series poses, for Saks Fifth Avenue.

Tracy Leigh, TL1G styled in Maison Martin Margiela, Line 1 dress, vintage pearl earrings and Diane von Furstenberg shoes. Tracy Leigh, TL1 styled in Maison Martin Margiela, Artisanal Line, vintage pearl earrings

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