This is a continuation of my profile of Rootstein mannequins. Many of the mannequins featured in the series are from the private collection of a customer of mine who has over 100 Rootstein mannequins.

This is the second Sliwka mannequin that this collector owns. To me, her facial features and pose makes her look like a drunk mannequin.

This is a bit of a” Franken” mannequin, meaning she has been pieced together with other Rootstein parts when the original parts were either damaged or missing when my collector acquired her.

This is a Sliwka T12 head attached to a Rootstein body that is similar in measurements to the original pose. The body is BarBelles Series BB5 pose.

Sliwka is styled in Wes Gordon blouse, Snow Xue Gao skirt ( known for asymmetrical draping, started her line in 2017 and nominated for LVMH prize) Vaneli shoes and peacock pearls.

How many of you own a Sliwka? I think she is the only Rootstein mannequin that had her tongue hanging out in some of her poses

If you want to buy a Rootstein mannequin, we frequently have used ones for sale here. You can also sign up to receive an email the next time we get more used Rootstein mannequins in stock or follow us on Facebook.


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