A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the top 10 realistic mannequins desired by Rootstein collectors. There were NO males on the list.  Male mannequins just don’t have the same appeal as the females.

Most of my Rootstein customers with a serious collection (like my collaborator on this series who has over 100 Rootstein mannequins) prefer to collect females mannequins. If they have any males at all, the ratio is something like 1 male Rootstein mannequin  for every 25 females they own.

Unlike the female mannequins, rarely are any of the males were sculpted in the likeness a famous model. Cause in real life, male models rarely become household names. For example, there is no male equivalent of Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington or Naomi Campbell.

And the female Rootstein mannequins are usually referenced by their individual names i.e. Yasmine LeBon, Twiggy or Pat Cleveland. But the males are referenced by the name of the collection they are from.

This list was compiled by an international group of visual merchandisers that I reached out to on the Vintage Mannequins group on Facebook. I received feedback from Keith Dillion in the US& Clinton Ridgeway in Canada, with additional information from Danny Letton in London. The list is a mix of male mannequins that are popular among collectors due to their rarity as well as which males were a favorite of retail stores.

1 HEROES released in 1988  This series is my personal favorite. The mannequins looked like Michelangelo sculptures

The mannequins looked like Michelangelo sculptures

2 COAST released in 2003

3 LAID BACK LARRY released in 1981


If you don’t see your favorite here, it will be probably be on my next post with the remaining top 10.


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