My previous post listed the top 4, here are the remaining ones

 5 Body Boys

This window display was created by Keith Dillion, a visual merchandiser based in Southern California and featured Chris Connelly from Body Boys.

6 Felix & Co 2005 –

7 The Young and Restless

These are super skinny male mannequins that were dubbed “manoxeric” because they had a  27-inch waist and 35-inch chest.

As I said in my previous post, most of the Rootstein male mannequins are referred to not by their individual names, but by the collection they are from. Here are a few exceptions.  These three are especially difficult to find because they were either produced a long time ago and/or only a few were produced.

8 Thomas Patrick John Anson, 5th Earl of Lichfield was an English photographer from the Anson family.

Notice the image of Donayle Luna in the background of the mannequin sculpted in his image.

9 Zaldy

Zaldy is one of the first gender bender mannequins EVER produced. He was part of the boy/girl series which featured models with an androgynous look.

Zaldy was presented in the Rootstein catalogue as a male and also as a male in drag. This was in 1996 so needless to say this was quite cutting edge.

10  Colonel Lewis

Colonel Lewis is truly a unicorn. He is a male mannequin who looks old enough to have an AARP card. He was designed to be displayed next to his wife and they were marketed as WOOPY – well off older person. An great concept, but it never really took off.

Another unique feature about Colonel Lewis is his wife and two daughters were also sculpted into Rootstein Mannequins.

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