Cosplay has gotten very popular, especially in the Bay Area. There is no shortage of cosplay events ranging from live action-role playing events, historical reenactments, Renaissance faires, mermaid conventions just to name a few.

As the owner of Mannequin Madness I become aware of how popular cosplay has become by the number of people who come to my warehouse in Oakland to buy a used mannequin or dress form to display their costume.

So in 2019 we decided to offer something else to the cosplay community:  headdress making classes. Our talented team of designers can show cosplayers  how to design a custom headdress to accessorize their costume.

We have plenty of used mannequin heads that you can use as a canvas. We have plenty of space inside our warehouse (plus free street parking).

And we have a wide range of crafting materials, many of which are from the prop department of the retail stores where we recycle mannequins (for example Macy’s Flower Show).

So we now have a service  called The Headdress Workshop located inside the showroom at Mannequin Madness. Here are some of the headdress classes we offer. The photos below are just examples of the types of styles you can make, you don’t have to make that exact look.

Mermaid Headdress  – we have lots of sea shells, pearls, seaweed like foliage.

Halo Headdress Class  – using zip ties and flowers you can create either Day of the Dead or Beyonce style flower crown 

Flower Crown – we have flowers in a wide variety of colors, textures, sizes as well as other embellishments.

Wakanda Forever- we have cowrie shells, feathers and other materials so you can create the perfect Afro-punk look.

Our 90 minutes classes are every Sunday at 2pm and are $70.  If you want to bring a friend with you, use the code MyFriend at checkout and their ticket will  be half off.

Cosplay is considered an art form, because it’s an artistic expression that empowers individuals as they transform into different characters.