Real Women Have Curves
Real Women Have Curves

Real women may have curves, but apparently clothing retailers prefer to display clothing only on skinny mannequins. Most retailers think if they have a mannequin in the window that is larger than a size 8 potential customers will assume they are a plus size store.

Why retailers don’t put small, medium and large size mannequins in their window to appeal to a wide range of customer body sizes is mystery to me. I’ve been told by friends in the retail industry that the plus size department does more volume than any other fashion department in the store. And that chains catering to plus size women exclusively do  more volume in sales than their Jr or Miss sized counterparts.


Recently we were contacted by a retailer who wanted to recycle all their plus size mannequins. Mind you, the retailer still sells plus size clothing, but they no longer want to showcase that size clothing on mannequins.  


While some of their “plus size” mannequins were a size 16 -24, quite a few of them were a size 12!  These size 12 mannequins were curvy and voluptuous (see photos above) not boxy and matronly as many size 12 mannequins look. Wow so I guess if age 40 is the new 30, then a size 12 is really a size 16.


Here are some ideas that people have given on what to do with these plus size mannequins:  (give us yours)

1  Put a mask on them and dress them up as Santa Claus

2  Sell them to stores that cater to transvestites

3  Turn them into security guards when you are away from home by stragetically placing them in the house in combination with timed lighting to give the illusion that someone is home.

4 Have a buy one, get one free promotion

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13 years ago

I guess what goes around comes around!! My first job at a downtown store in Dallas on Elm Street sold ladies, jrs. and girls fashions including what they then called in the 70’s “stout fashion” for the larger woman.

I had a huge Island window and two on either side you waked between to enter the store-I had 30 mannequins to dress every week and the 5 mannequins repesenting the “stout” fashions were regular sized ladies mannequins and it was my job to take these plus-sized clothes and meticulously pin down the entire back of the clothing to make it look like they fit these tiny mannequins like a glove-does that make sense? NO .

D.G. Williams was making large size mannequins at the time, Lane Bryant across the street had them-you wouldn’t say they were larger just “broader”…with same sized faces-arms and hands just the core body was flat and broad…..Their visual staff as well had to do a considerably amount of pinning as I did to make the clothing fit these still small forms.

The 80’s rolled around and plus sized mannequins became fashionable-rolled out by Greneker/Wolf &Vine, Decter, Rootstein, Hindsgaul, Cranston-everyone was on the bandwagon and now we are going through what we were doing in the 70’s displaying the clothing but not so it appears largesized.

When I was growing up My grandmother received the Lane Bryant catalog in the mail-it was these plus sized fashions sized and shot on small sized models-i know they use the large sized models not in the catalogs but will this trend go back in time and you’ll be seeing smaller models wearing these tailored plus size fashions in catalogs as well?

10 years ago

I savor, lead to I found just what I was looking for. You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

10 years ago

Hello, I like your blog. It’s interesrting. I would like to know how and where can I purchase a good plus size manepuinn. I would like a used one because i know that a Plus size one will really, really cost.

10 years ago
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