Designer Mannequins at Discount Prices
Designer Mannequins at Discount Prices

Just like consignment and resale stores can offer unbelieveable prices on designer clothing that are “gently used” – the same is true with mannequins. You can get gently used designer mannequins at discount prices to give your store and upscale look at a discount price.

These mannequins were originally made in Italy and were on display in the San Francisco branch of a French owned retail chain famous for their purses and luggage. (hint their initials are LV). Now the mannequins have made their way to our warehouse in Oakland, Ca.

The store was updating their visual displays so these mannequins – which are in impeccable condition – were no longer needed. So we got them for a bargain so we can offer them to you at significant savings. Brand new they would cost upwards of $500 each. Gently used they are $175 each and come with a metal stand and calf rod.

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Jenny Reci
Jenny Reci
11 years ago

I am an art student at School of Visual Arts and I am doing a project that requires 8 female mannequins. I am hoping to buy inexpensive female mannequins and I am also willing to take damaged mannequins. I really only need the mannequins from the neck down to the hips. If you could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.

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