Style:- The vast majority of mannequins that are manufactured in the world are in a standing position. So the demand for a used seated or reclining mannequin outstrips the supply.

Materials:  when the price of oil goes up, it no only impacts the cost of gas at the pump but the cost of raw materials used to make products likes mannequins. Mannequins are made out of fiberglass, plastic, and metal.

Fabrication  – Fundamentally a Mercedes and  Hyundai are the same thing,  an imported car with wheels. Yet there is a huge difference in the price, features and value.  The same is true with mannequins. There are inexpensive Hyundai style mannequins manufactured in Asia and more expensive mannequins that are fabricated in the USA or Europe. In this case it is just not the cost of labor that influences the selling cost, but other factors.  

The cheap mannequins crack or  break more easily if dropped, often discolor from the heat in store windows and in general don’t tend to look as realistic looking (more like a doll than a human being). 

Their joint fittings are often plastic but painted to look like metal and their stands are typically chrome not metal.  Their poses tends to be  stiff, instead of fluid. The “mercedes” style mannequins often have handcrafted details, are better constructed and tend to look more human like. You get what you pay for.

Condition of the mannequin – Anyone who has ever purchased a complete mannequin for $40 a garage sale but it did not come with a stand, has learned the hard way that this  is not such a bargain after all.  It is extremely difficult to find a support rod AND the stand to attach the support rod for the mannequin to stand upright. If the mannequin has a hole in the bottom of their foot (many vintage and older mannequins do not) we sell metal stands that can support 80% of the

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