Mannequin Dress Form in Selena Stewart's Dorm room
Mannequin Dress Form in Selena Stewart's Dorm room

Goodwill Industries recently gave one lucky college student a free dorm room makeover. And one of the items they used to decorate the room was a mannequin dress form, like the ones we sell at

The dress form in the dorm room is not for sewing for but the student to hang her belts, purses and necklaces. This is not only functional (saves space) but adds a colorful and decorative element to the room. And it was one of the favorite items the student liked about the make-over.

Here is the article about the make-over which is reprinted from the Rambler, the student newspaper of Texas Wesleyan University

Wesleyan recently experienced its first taste of Extreme Makeover: College Edition.On Aug. 19, one dorm resident, Selena Stewart, received a makeover of her dorm room with all furnishings supplied by Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth, Inc.

Originally, Goodwill wanted to do a makeover of a house with a group like Habitat for Humanity. They switched gears because school began.

David Cox, senior vice president of retail sales and marketing for Goodwill, said Goodwill wanted to make the community more aware of the useful products it has to offer.

“We came to Wesleyan with the idea because we wanted a way to show students what is available at Goodwill because it’s really amazing what you can find at our stores when you’re putting together your dorm or your first apartment,” he said.

Stewart was one of two students selected by Wesleyan resident assistants to write an essay for Goodwill on why they deserved to receive a makeover.

Stewart said she was most excited by two of the items she received: a mini-fridge and extra seating. Her favorite item is a silhouette mannequin that was decorated with her belts, purses and necklaces.

Chuck Burton, assistant vice president for marketing and communications at Texas Wesleyan, was there when Stewart saw the room for the first time.

“I got to see her Oh-Em-Gee reaction,” he said. “She loved it. The mannequin piece gave it a feel like when you watch TV sitcoms and they’re in New York, and it’s just so fashionable.”

Fort Worth Goodwill is hoping to do a dorm makeover at the start of every school year, Cox said. He said he hopes students will realize that the stores aren’t just for Halloween costumes and clothes.