At Fashion’s Night Out in New York City last week everyone was talking about the clothing. But without mannequins (live or fiberglass) it would be difficult to truly appreciate the fashions.

Scene from QVC pop up shop in Rockefeller Center
Scene from QVC pop up shop in Rockefeller Center

Mannequins are like the chorus girls in a musical – they are essential to the production, but all the focus is on the star. And the “star” in a fashion production is either the clothing or the designer who made them.

So when SpecEntertainment – an event production company that specializes in luxury markets called us to rent 8 mannequins for the QVC pop up shop in Rockefeller Center. This allowed us to play a critical, yet behind the scenes role, in attracting sales for the store

Mannequin rented from Mannequin Madness for QVC
Mannequin rented from Mannequin Madness for QVC

The morning that the QVC pop up show was scheduled to open at 6pm on Sept 10 we received a frantic phone call from Spec Entertainment. They needed to rent 5 more mannequins and wanted them ASAP!

Bear in mind that other customers had been reserving their mannequin rentals weeks in advance – so all the most popular styles were already rented. However we were able to provide them with five more mannequins to complement the 8 that hare already rented from us.

Our eyes were glued to the QVC channel that evening as the network was broadcasting live from the pop up show and other venues throughout the evening. We were hoping to catch a glimpse of our mannequins (hard working chorus girls)  but all the focus was on the celebrities, the designers and hot products.

Nevertheless we are grateful for the contribution we were able to make to the success of Fashion’s Night Out.


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