We get a lot of requests from customers asking about clear mannequins so that they can achieve something called the “ghost effect” where clothes seem to float off the page, like in the photo above. The mannequin that the clothes were displayed on becomes invisible.

We don’t know exactly how to do this other than refer people to this ecommerce blog post from Get Elastic which explains how to do this with photoshop. Apparently from what our customers tell us, it is MUCH easier to get this effect if you use a clear rather than white or “fleshtone” mannequin.

clear female bust form

For  along time the clear mannequins were on backorder because the raw materials could not be easily obtained to produce them.

clear male mannequin

But we now have two suppliers who provide us with product – a low end product from one supplier and a high end supplier from another.

clear female torso

So we have something for every budget. (Remember you get what you pay for, so cheaper isn’t always better). We do NOT have full mannequins – only torsos, heads,legs and feet.

clear plastic foot

Our entire series of clear mannequins and mannequin limbs can be seen here.

clear mannequin head




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