Translucent mannequins – also known as clear or transparent mannequins – are gaining in popularity with retailers. Part of the reason they are so popular is because their transparency makes them very versatile.

Depending upon the type of light you have shining on them, they can look opaque, or completely clear. If you put a colored gel on the light, the mannequin becomes the color of the gel.

This style of mannequin was first popularized by Giorgio Armani, who used them in their retail stores in the U.S. At the time, the primary company that manufactured them was LaRosa, an Italian company and they cost upwards of $1500 each.

But as usual, the Chinese manneqiun manufacturers have found a way to reproduce these at a fraction of the cost. Mannequin Madness can now can offer you a variety of male and female translucent mannequins priced between $175-$210 each. We have both egghead and headless.

If you need mannequins that are perfectly clear this the one in the photo below, we offer them as well, but only torso’s, head forms, or leg forms not full mannequins.

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