These female mannequin were custom made for a company in Vegas that wanted mannequins for a circus related theme. Then the company went belly up. So we have access to these specialized mannequins at a super discounted price.



They were designed to be suspended in the air and come with the cables so you can attach them to the ceiling. They can either be a swimmer, aerialist, gymnast, flying trapeze artist or doing a yoga stretch. Perfect for celebrating the Olympics in your retail store!


We have a very limited supply of these. They are $200 each, but shipping can be expensive as only their arms detach. So they need a large box. These are in a warehouse in the NYC area, so if you are near there you can pick up.

We have male sports mannequins and other female sports mannequins at Mannequin

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James carter
James carter
8 years ago

Interested in the $200 maaequin suspended in air in swimming opposition. Could you email me estimated shipping cost to palm Springs as well? Thanks,

Jim Carter

Victor mccaslin
Victor mccaslin
7 years ago

I am very interested in purchasing a flying mannequin. are there anymore available?
will pay shipping cost to fillmore, california.
please advise.
victor mccaslin

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