Here are some ways you can create eye-catching window displays – without costing you an arm and a leg (a little mannequin humor). The examples below are from the flagship stores of retailers with big budgets in big cities (London & New York). However the visual merchandising principles they apply can be adapted to retailers of all sizes in any location.

1. Unless you are selling an Ipad, people don’t really want to see just products in the window, they want to “feel” something. When you see this window display from Bergdorf’s – it’s conveys how you might feel or the experience you might have when you wear their clothing.

Bergdorf Holiday Window 2012

With the right mannequins and props your window displays become scenes from a play – and your customer gets to fantasize about them being the lead in that play. Savvy retailers have different mannequins in various poses. You can’t create a mood using a row of headless mannequins in military style poses.

The dancing mannequins in this window were custom made, by CNL mannequins but we sell a variety of reclining mannequins and a couple that is embracing so that you can simulate this pose. We also have dancing female mannequins

2. There are all kinds of “moods” that your windows can portray. Sex, humor, drama, festive, mystery. When people look at your window they should be able to imagine some type of scenario that is happening that corresponds to the items being sold. What type of scenario do you imagine with this display?

Once again the strategic use of props makes all the difference. And the props don’t have to be expensive and you don’t need a lot of them.

3 Speaking of props, OVERSIZED props – whether they are made out of paper, fiberglass, foam core or plastic. Just as long as they are big and make an impact, is another trick in visual merchandising.

Topshop 2012

These Christmas ornaments are visible whether someone is walking on the sidewalk past the store or driving by in a car. They are big enough to attract attention, but not obscure the merchandise being sold. Notice the mannequins in different poses and in eye-catching colors. We sell a lot of red or chrome colored mannequins this type of year.

4.A monochromatic theme is another way to stand out from the crowd. Making everything in the window one color and/or using lights to drape your store in one bold color (color not white) is an attention getter, no matter what you are selling.

Juicy Couture Store 2012

5. If your store has a strong brand recognition then you could get away with doing a display like the Mango  store below did below.


This display doesn’t show products (unless you consider the shoes) but the Mango shopping bag is clearly visible. This display exhibits the type of experience a customer desires to have shopping here. They want to leave the store with their arms overflowing with gifts for themselves and their loved ones.

Once again, it is about a mood or feeling, not the actual products themselves that gets people to stop, look and come inside.


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