This J.Crew Christmas window display seems like they are mimicking Anthropologie’s aesthetic – no? It is very eye-catching as it caught my attention as I was driving down the street.

They used oversized gift tags and turned them into a wreath and incorporated the tag into other design elements in the window. I think this one below is very clever with a list of people you might have on your list to buy a gift.

These props give the appearance that this was a low-key and inexpensive window display – a nice change from the over the top extravaganza that many national retailers revert to during Christmas. And it suits their image, whereas this would not work for a luxury retailer.

And while I do like it, I have two quibbles. First this photo was taken the day before Thanksgiving. And have a personal pet peeve against retailers who put Xmas decorations up before Thanksgiving. Just like I don’t like retailers who start Black Friday at 2am which prevents their employees from enjoying Thanksgiving fully. Can’t they just have Black Friday online if they insist on kicking off Christmas shopping early?

And lastly, for a store of their stature they should have mannequins in the window, not dress forms. Dress forms are for the mom and pop retailer who can’t afford mannequins. Dress forms are for INSIDE the store, you need mannequins  in the window.


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