When I look at this window, I just stop, take a deep sigh and go AHHHHH! Maybe it was because I saw this photo in the midst of the Xmas holiday rush and this window seemed like a breath of fresh air. Quiet, yet attention getting.  Subtle, yet powerful. 


This is the perfect example of just a few well-chosen props + right mannequin pose = a window with wow. 

It’s not as if I have the desire to be a bride like this. I got married in a hot air balloon in a white turtleneck, slacks and a fur coat (before I became anti-fur) so this is completely outside of my wheelhouse in terms of style. 

Nevertheless the window display has such a powerful emotional pull, it draws me in. And that is what a good window display should do, draw customers inside. Once the customer is inside, you chances of selling them something is much greater than if they never came inside.

They might not leave with a wedding gown, but they might purchase something else – either for themselves or a friend. And they can tell others about your store. 

Kudos to Chad Morrissette of CM2designs in West Hollywood, he is the visual merchandiser responsible for this window. He makes visual merchandising look easy, but it is an acquired skill. One that he has mastered.