Balloons are some of the simplest (and least expensive) props to transform any retail window display from ‘ho-hum’ to WOW. Balloons, coupled with the right mannequin that is.

While this is a wedding window display, you could put an evening gown on the mannequin the window becomes a Christmas holiday display or New Year’s Eve. Put a red dress on the mannequin and change the balloons to heart shapes and it becomes a Valentine’s Display.

Put a summer clothing on the mannequin and red, white and blue balloons and you have July 4th. Balloons make everything feel festive and happy.

Whether you are selling evening gowns casual or outdoor clothing or even lingerie, balloons complement everything. And for the sporting goods company, you can display balloons in the colors of your local basketball, baseball or football team.

So make friends with a balloon delivery company in your neighborhood and tell them you will want a bunch of balloons every 2-3 months. And while you are there, tell them that if they want a mannequin to make their in-store displays more interesting (imagine a mannequin holding a balloon bouquet), tell them to contact Mannequin Madness!