Lanvin is a luxury retailer, yet their eye-catching window displays frequently have elements that retailers without deep pockets can emulate.

Check out this dirty and fabulous Valentines’ Window Display

Lanvin WIndow Display
Lanvin WIndow Display

From what I can see it looks like the “female” in this display is just mannequin legs and an arm! How cool is that? What a good use of “extra limbs” like the ones we have in our mannequin boneyard at Mannequin Madness.

This certainly is a high impact window display. We posted in on our Facebook page last week and it is the most viral image we posted in the last six months.

And while this display is great for Valentine’s Day, it really could be used year round. It is great for a bridal store, tuxedo rental store, shoe store, accessory store (notice her shoes and jewelry).