This fantasy image of a children’s birthday party is just the type of display that tugs at people’s emotions. And when you tug on your customers emotions, they buy more merchandise at your store.


Even though the display was in a magazine with real children, it could easily be adapted for a children’s retail window using child mannequins like the ones we sell at Mannequin Madness.

And if you have a small store window, just putting one child mannequin on a small table and chair along with the other props would be just as captivating a display.

I bet any retailer who copied this display would sell their sales increase. I don’t even have children, but seeing this display makes me want to buy a gift, babysit and go to a children’s birthday party.

For more ideas for window displays at a children’s store, visit our Pinterest board. If you have an eye-catching window that you have created, send it to us. If we post it here, we will send you at 15% discount coupon for at Mannequin Madness.

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