In yesterday’s blog post we wrote about how “doggie couture” has created an explosion in the sales of dog mannequins.


Now dog mannequins are a “must-have” prop for high end window and store displays for clothing retailers. We sell a variety of dog mannequins – something for every budget.

This display from Canadian retailer Holt Renfrew is trendy not just for the clothing, But if you look closely the families are composed of same sex parents.


The lesbian couple has three kids and the gay couple has two kids and an expensive dog (I can’t tell if it is a pug or a french bull dog. All the dogs I have owned have been mutts)


Parisian’s have had a long love affair with dogs, so no surprise that French designer Sonia Rykiel would have a mannequin walking multiple dogs in a window display.


Other retailers are using the multiple dogs on a leash in their store displays.



And then others, use a big impact dog in their displays. Love that mannequin with the dog, seems very realistic looking.

Whether size or style dog or human mannequin you want, you can probably find it at

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