Romance and Passion is not just for lover’s on valentine’s day.
This Anthropologie window display  in NYC showcases their love for the city.

This is cool to do not just for Valentine’s Day, buy anytime of the year. You could put the name of your city, your favorite sport’s team, local hero, or special event. Anything that you love.  They get bonus points for making a heart out of shoes! A fantastic way to create a unique a prop out of products they are selling

This Anthropologie  display appeals to shoe lovers and proud New Yorkers alike, while displaying the hot color of that season- Coral- and showing off the variation of styles available in that popular hue inside the store. It’s an incredible idea for any retail store large or small!

  • Pet store? Remove the “NY” from the window, and head over to and put a couple of our pooches in the window.
  • Children’s clothing store?  How about using children sized shoes and  child size mannequins interacting with or wearing your hottest seasonal item?

Hearts never go out of style, so you can adjust this theme to highlight anything you choose to throughout the year.  How cost effective is that?