Fashion and mannequins go hand and hand. And now fashionable gardens all across the country, have a mannequin (or two) expressing the unique style of owner.
We’re not just making this up because we sell new and used mannequins at Mannequin There are so many inspiring projects using mannequins, mannequin legs or mannequin heads in the garden on Pinterest that we create this board to feature them all. Here are some of our favorite.
1 Covering the mannequin with succulents.


2 Some gardeners use a wire dress form and create a fashion forward topiary.


3 This one looks like it would be easy to maintain for those who don’t have a green thumb. We have a step by step digital tutorial for making one similar to this using real succulents here and faux succulents here. 

4 Other times people buy a used mannequin and turn into a mosaic sculpture for their garden.

5 Others use just the limbs of mannequins


6 Or just a head of a mannequin. We have a variety of styles of mannequin heads for sale


7 Sometimes the mannequins wear fashionable plant inspired garments.

8 Other times they just sit in the garden, looking fashionable.
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nancy spak
nancy spak
7 years ago

awesome…I have a mannequin garden! Covered in snow right now…but everyone loves it.

7 years ago
Reply to  nancy spak

I would love to see photos of your mannequin garden when the snow melts!

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