GREEN, as in dollars. NOT the color, is what savvy retailers will see IF they have  St. Patrick’s themed displays in their store.

According to Display and Design Ideas  “the average person will spend $35.27 on green attire, décor, and food and drinks this year. Total holiday spending is expected to grow to $4.7 billion.

St. Patricks’ Day is no longer a celebration just for the Irish.

Case in point.


My husband and I spontaneously bought these hats last year on our way to a dinner that just happened to be on St. Patrick’s Day. We bought extra hats to bring to the hosts – who weren’t Irish either.

We had NOT planned this purchase. But the hats caught our attention as we went inside the store to buy a bottle of wine to bring to the dinner. See how visual merchandising increases your sales?

Eight in 10 (84.2 percent) consumers will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green. An additional 23.3 percent will decorate their home or office, and 34.6 percent will make a special dinner. Additionally, 19.5 percent of consumers will attend a private party, and 27.4 percent will attend a party at a bar or restaurant.

Young adults ages 18-24 are planning the most celebrations (77.3 percent), but 35- to 44-year olds will spend the most at an average of $41.68, with adults 25-34 close behind, spending an average of $41.58.

So whatever your target audience or whatever product you sell, find a way to connect to St. Patrick’s Day and you will see additional revenue.

St. Patrick’s Day window displays can be as simple as putting a green hat on the head of a mannequin-


Or a window display that makes fun of the term, Erin go Bragh (loosely translated as Ireland Forever). This window display had signage (not visible)  that said “Erin go Braless!” Love that!


Children’s mannequins make great leprechaun’s!

Any green decor and props that you use during the Xmas holidays, can be incorporated into a St Patrick’s Day window.

For more St. Patrick’s Window Display ideas visit our St. Patrick’s Pinterest Board. (Check out ALL of our Pinterest Boards – we have a board for every season and most industries)

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