So of course the mannequins for these items, needs to be fashion forward as well. That is why Opening Ceremony purchased 6 of our running mannequins for their Los Angeles store.


They then had a mannequin refinisher paint them to give them a more realistic look. And put them on a running track inside their store.
Ever since the London Olympics, our running mannequins have been in high demand.


H&M and Selfridge’s purchased them for their stores during the Olympics and now other retailers see the advantage of using athletic mannequins for selling athletic clothing.
Or in the case of H&M, they were showcasing an active look. Some of the mannequins were not wearing workout wear but wedge heels, dresses and jewelry.  (They painted the mannequins and put wigs on them)


We have a variety of mannequins in athletic poses at Mannequin Madness – from yoga, golf, running, body building, soccer.

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