A funeral scene is not something you are likely to see in a window display. But this memorial tribute to Alexander McQueen is simply stunning and worth noting and copying.


It is everything a good window display should be – dramatic, emotional, realistic feeling and perfectly executed.  Great signage and I love the single flower in the mannequin’s hands as well as the poses of the mannequins. Their outfits are perfect!Once again, kudos to one of our favorite visual merchandisers, Chad Morrisette of West Hollywood.Compare his window to other window displays that done in memory of Alexander McQueen when he died a few years ago.

Bergdorf’s did this window, which is also dramatic – and much more costly to produce than Chad’s.



And I saw this other window display on Pinterest, not sure where it is from.



The colors running on the flag remind me of tear drops versus rain, given the occasion.