Jeremy Piven’s Mr. Selfridge will be returning to PBS and Masterpiece Classic for Season 2 in 2014. LOVE. IT.


I found it fascinating to learn what a visionary Mr. Selfridge (aka Harry Gordon) was. He set trends for department stores that we take for granted now.

Like letting customers touch the merchandise.

Like having ready to wear clothing.

Like having a variety of items under one roof – shoes, gloves, handbags, luggage.

And most of all – having elaborate and eye-catching window displays to draw people’s attention.



Selfridge’s continues to have arresting window displays. Sometimes they juxtapose the unusual – like this one selling kitchen gadgets, sex and expensive dresses



Their window displays are over the top



They take a lot of creative license .




I’m sure if Mr Selfridge was alive today, he would embrace the trend that we established at Mannequin Madness in encouraging retail chains to reduce their environmental footprint by recycling their unwanted mannequins. While we love a good window display, we realize that too many times retailers don’t realize how they can stretch their visual merchandising budget by reducing, reusing and recycling!



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