A few years ago Louis Vuitton did this circus themed window display to display shoes.


And as a result we have seen a lot more creative and eye-catching examples of shoe displays (sometimes with handbags) in retail windows. We have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to them. Here are our 10 favorites.

1 This one is from Prada. BTW, we have leg forms similar to these here:




2 We love how this display involved different mannequin legs to create a wall sculpture made out of shoes.




3 This tutu made out of shoes is an interesting concept, but we aren’t crazy about the execution. If the background wasn’t so busy and if the dress had fewer shoes and the colors weren’t so vivid, this could have been a contender.



4 We admit we like this one because they used so many different mannequin limbs. Since we have a mannequin boneyard with stray mannequin parts for sale from broken mannequins, we have a personal interest in promoting ideas like this.


5 Another good use of mannequin limbs


6 Love this because it seems so decadent and indulgent – and fun!



7 Leave it to Gucci to be sophisticated and sexy. Something about this display reminds me of Jennifer Lopez.


8 We love the simplicity of this display.  Another great example of how repetition is a good thing


9 Love a display with a sense of humor. The oversize dollar bill are a nice touch to this pole dancing display from Rickey’s.


10 Lanvin is always one of favorite examples of window displays. We love an upscale brand that has a touch of whimsy.



If you need mannequins or mannequin limbs for your show window display, visit MannequinMadness.com


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