For years, artists have combed through our mannequin boneyard to find distressed mannequins for their mosaic art projects. As a result of Pinterest we can now see the

finished results of their work.

We have over 140 images our Pinterest Mosaic Art on Mannequins board and here are our top 10

1 It takes a lot of skill to work on a mannequin with all the curves, instead of a flat surface like a stepping stone.


2 A lot of the mosaic art projects we see tend to end up as garden art. Ironically, this is what led to me getting into the mannequin industry. I was looking for a distressed mannequin to cover with mosaic tiles and put in my edible garden.



Never did get around to doing that mosaic project, so I guess this is why I have a soft spot for artists who come by to buy our used mannequins.

3 It is rare to see a plus size mannequin, which is why it is so spectacular to see these. And they are so exuberant!


4 It is amazing to see the creativity that people have when it comes to “dressing” a mannequin with mosaic tiles.


Or beads


5 Leave it to the Italians, to create masterful mosaic art pieces that are beautiful as well as functional. This one is a lamp




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Bernarda Intriago
Bernarda Intriago
8 years ago

Thanks for the great post, I was hunting for information similar to this, visiting look into the other posts.

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