This male mannequin dressed in bondage attire was included in the Christmas window display of a Luluemon store in Montreal.


While it a nice twist on the were you  “naughty or nice” theme, we’re not sure if this works for this company.

A lingerie store? yes. A store with a gay clientele in The Castro or The Village in NYC? yes. But a clothing store whose main customer base is suburban women? No.

Is their idea of  “don we now our gay apparel fa, la, la, la, la?”

This display could have worked if they had chosen a female mannequin to dress in bondage, versus the male. And they need some Christmas props in the window – even a little garland and some holiday ornaments.

Seems like they were just going for shock value versus creating a visual appealing window display with an edge. We suggest they start over and use our Pinterest boards for inspiration.


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