If you are considering purchasing a dress form for your daughter as a birthday or Christmas gift here is a testimonial from one of our happy customers who did just that.

Here is a photo of the daughter of Andrea A. from Texas beside the dress form in her bedroom.


And here is the email that Andrea sent us:

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter loved her Mannequin!   I spoke to you before the holidays and had told you how much I enjoyed reading your blog.

Well, I ordered a mannequin for my 14 year old daughter.  We wrapped the box and put it under the tree after she went to bed on xmas eve.

The next day was so funny as she was opening the box, she said to her dad and I, “what’s in here, a dead body?”  And then as she opens it – she says – oh my – it is!

So, since xmas day, the Mannequin, she calls Ted, although it is female, has been in the living room, the kitchen, the family room, and now has a permanent place in her bedroom.

Ted wears a variety of outfits.  The reason my daughter wanted “Ted” was so she could put together outfits, either for herself to wear or just to dress up and try new fashions.

She totally enjoys it and it looks awesome in her bedroom, matches the dark wood of her furniture actually accents the room.

Thanks Andrea, for letting us know how happy your daughter is with the purchase you made at MannequinMadness.

FYI – A dress form is the type of gift that is “timeless.” Meaning as a teen ager becomes a woman, she can still use the dress form to display her clothing or jewelry.



Or she can turn it into an art project like this:


which we have on this Pinterest board.

Or she can turn it into a Christmas tree like this,


which we have on this Pinterest board.


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