Inarguably the purpose of a department store mannequin is to draw attention to the clothing that it is wearing but this doesn’t mean that the mannequin itself can’t be visually interesting. One way that a New York department store is trying to garner attention is by giving their mannequins tattoos.

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal Bergdorf Goodman has been giving their male mannequins a gruff makeover. In addition to adding tattoos to the fiberglass models the store has also been giving them some lifelike features including stubble and wrinkles.


Photo: D.B. Decorative Arts

Bergdorf Goodman had previously used tattooed female mannequins when DB Studio Arts hand-painted traditional style tattoos on a mannequin showing off a Gaultier corset.


Photo: DB Studio Arts

By adding human features such as tattoos it’s a lot easier for a customer to envision how the clothing would look on them; very few people look like the oddly post-modern, angular, and often headless dummies that have been used in stores for the last couple of years.

We hope that other stores follow Bergdorf Goodman’s lead and we see a lot more tattooed mannequins in the future. Who knows, maybe tattooing mannequins will be good work for apprentices when they aren’t toiling away cleaning shops.

This article was reprinted from Inked Magazine 


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