Bay Area Artist Trent Nahas has built quite a following of art collectors who purchase his sculptures made from old mannequins and mannequin parts.

a5Trent frequently comes to our warehouse to buy distressed mannequins and parts from our mannequin boneyard of distressed mannequins at our warehouse in Oakland.

a53We are always amazed to see how our beat up mannequins get transformed into something fabulous by Trent.


This is just one more example of how our mannequin recycling business is a win/win.

Retailers win because we make it easy and cost effective for them to recycle their mannequins.

Artists like Trent win because they have a resource to purchase a variety of styles of mannequins at deeply discounted prices.


The public wins because mannequins are kept out of landfills (which is good for the environment).

If you know a retail chain that is remodeling and thinks that their old mannequins do not have any value, show them this blog post.

If you want to contact Trent you can find him here:

Web page is


Also Trent nahas on Instagram and Pinterest


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