Vintage Rootstein mannequins are highly sought after by small but rabid group of collectors. We have created this board on Pinterest devoted to Rootstein mannequins, many of which are ones that we have had in our warehouse and sold to these collectors.

p1Whenever we acquire a Rootstein from a retail store we send out an email to our list of collectors and at times it has been a feeding frenzy with so many collectors fighting over the same girl.

If you want to “Be Among the First to Know” when we receive pre-owned Rootstein’s, click here to be added to our list of Rootstein collectors. Also you can go to our website and in the search bar type ROOTSTEIN to see the current inventory of Rootstein mannequins we have for sale.

p2(Note: Our prices for a “pre-owned”Rootstein are typically 50% less than what a new Rootstein would cost. So drop us an email if you want to be added to our email list to be notified when we get more in stock.)

l1Some collectors are looking for a particular pose from a particular series and others are looking for a particular girl (Twiggy, Pat Cleveland, Cher and Doneylle Luna being the most in demand because they are so scarce).

It seems that even when we have a Rootstein that is in mint condition, the most discerning of the collectors will send their mannequin out to be refinished or altered.

Take for example this mannequin from the Nomad series that we acquired from a retailer and sold to a collector, Daryl Azure.

She was already in good shape structurally and didn’t have the a lot of the scratches that can occur with the darker hued mannequins. (African American mannequins from Rootstein scratch up ALOT easier than ones from Patina V- don’t know why that is)


Well  when Daryl bought here he  had us ship the mannequin to Modern Mannequin in Houston to refinish the body and repaint it. Modern Mannequin specializes in repairing and repainting mannequins.

l3Modern Mannequin also sells gently used Rootstein’s because they are lucky enough to have a long time relationship with Neiman Marcus HQ to acquire their old mannequins.

Then the upper body was shipped to legendary mannequin painter David Costa at Dash and Dazzle in New York to do the makeup, spraying the face and add glass eyes and eyelashes.

l4Daryl wanted the mannequin to look more like Cynthia Bailey from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”She looks amazing doesn’t she?

According to Daryl even with all the shipping back and forth, he says that it is still less than half  the cost of a brand new Rootstein ($1300 costs). And new Rootstein mannequins do not come with glass eyes any more.

l5In addition to Mannequin Madness, Modern Mannequin and Dash and Dazzle another good resource for mannequin collectors is Ebay. You can create an Ebay alert to receive a notice anytime a Rootstein item is listed.