This is the last post in our month long blog series devoted to Rootstein mannequins. In our mannequin liquidation business, we have recycled mannequins for all the major retailers and we have handed mannequins from every mannequin manufacturer.

While every manufacturer has their unique niche, the Rootstein brand of mannequins is the most popular among people who are collecting mannequins as a hobby.

If you are one of those people and are not on our email list to be notified when we acquire used Rootstein’s, click here to be added to the list. And in addition to our earlier blog posts for this month you might want to refer to this blog post from last month where we offer resources for Rootstein collectors.

While most Rootstein mannequins are replica’s of models whose faces are seen on magazines or catwalks, occasionally Rootstein will create mannequins in the likeness of celebrities and socialites. Here are some of them:


Beyonce (later repurposed by Saks to be Kerry Washington when they had a window display devoted to fashions from the tv show Scandal)



Joan Collins






Dianne Brill (one of the few Rootstein mannequins with curves with measurements of:40-24-39.



Tina Chow


Do you know of any other non-models that Rootstein turned into a mannequin? Let us know we would love to add it to our Rootstein Pinterest board.


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