If you are selling snow sports apparel, your window displays should look, sporty. Like these examples of “made ya look”window displays from #Moncler


Moncler has window display which are active and dynamic, not static like so those at so many sports retailers.

Moncler’s window displays have a strong emotional pull. They have they impact of causing you to desire or fantasize about having the experience of what the mannequins are doing in the window.

pr2And that desire is what motivates people to come inside the store to buy their clothing. Even people who have no intention of skiing in the clothes.

Moncler knows the value of selecting the right mannequin pose to fit the clothing style. (and the right props, lighting and signage).

pr3Customers buy MORE when they feel an emotion from your displays, especially aspirational emotions. And using male or female mannequins in sports poses, (along with a few props) gives your customers an opportunity to have a visceral experience.

And you no longer have to buy custom made mannequins in order to get athletic poses. We offer a range of male and female mannequins in sporty poses at Mannequin Madness.

pr4So many retailers default to having a row of mannequins, standing military style in the window.

Sure that might be a good way to showcase the clothing, but that type of display does not evoke emotions, it just displays product.

pr5In the display above with a row of mannequins standing upright, the fact that one is in a seated pose, makes all the difference in the overall effect.

We also have male and female mannequins in seated poses for sale at Mannequin Madness.

Since we couldn’t find a better image of this photo online, we are not counting it in our Top 5, but offering it as a bonus image.

pr6We love the idea of mannequins sitting in a ski lift with image of snow capped mountains in the background.


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