No need to worry about knowing the dress size of your favorite fashionista when you buy them a gift from Mannequin Madness. We have a variety of products that are truly a one size fits all and even better they cost under $100.

Below are a few samples but you can find the entire list here: 

 We have assorted styles of forms for fashionistas to keep their favorite pieces of jewelry organized and on display where they can see them.

 Whether their style is traditional like these leatherette forms,


Or they like more natural and organic


I have these ring displays on my vanity in my bedroom and it looks great (even with multiple rings on one cylinder.


And since many women are turning their closets/spare bedrooms into glam dressing areas that resemble boutiques see examples a dress form is a must. (See fantastic examples of glam closets on this Pinterest board)


If you want to spend a little more than $100 we have dress forms in designer fabrics, like this one for  $130 that looks like it came from Luis Vuitton.


Mannequin heads are popular for displaying hats. On this one you can display a hat, necklace and a bracelet. Perfect for people with limited space.


We have a lot more items but if you cant make up your mind, you can always get a gift card. Happy Holidays. 


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