Vintage corsets are becoming a popular item to display as an art piece.


We have a line of wasp waist corset dress forms that we used to sell primarily to museums, but increasingly more and more private individuals are purchasing them.


As well as stylists who use them for photo shoots


Sometimes people purchase the dress forms and then make them look distressed, like we describe in this tutorial.



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7 years ago

I love your Blog! I am in the process of ordering a custom Dress Form from a fantastic creator that has had her Dress Form Mannequin used in Television shows like the ‘PARADISE’ BBC a Period series about a Boutique Shop. I loved the show and just found out that where I was looking and reading about these Dress Forms, there was a photo of the actress in the shop beside a couple of other Dress Forms besides the ones BBC commissioned from this great seller, check out her website and all her beautiful Mannequin Dress Forms, I will be purchasing the ‘PARADISE’ Dress form soon.

Judi Townsend
7 years ago
Reply to  Evelyn

Thanks for much for sending me the link to Corset laced Mannequins. They have a LOVELY selection of mannequins. And the TV show sounds interesting, I am going to see if I can find it online.

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