Yoga mannequins are surging in popularity and we now have two styles which are $250 each. We have this one in a tree pose.


And this one in a seated pose. What is great too is that these have eggheads so you can display hats or hand bands on them.


These are much easier on the budget than the headless high end ones we carry with magnetic arms which are $550.


Granted the egghead ones are not the same quality as the headless ones which are made out of a more durable fiberglass and have magnetic arm attachments.

The headless ones are the same brand that are carried by stores like Athleta and the Gap - so they have to be a lot more durable to withstand a busy retail environment.

But if your retail environment is not super busy and the mannequin is not going to be manhandled a lot, the egghead mannequins are perfect.


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