If you were passing by a store that sold beads for making jewelry which window display would catch your attention?

This one?


Or this one?


Even though the first display is for a clothing store, isn’t this a cool idea for a bead store?

All too often bead stores cram so many items in a window (in a rainbow of colors no less) that is becomes sensory overload – before you even walk inside the store.

Plus since beads are tiny items, which are then placed on small trays or bust forms in the window there is nothing big and focus pulling to attract attention.

You need something big and impactful. How about this idea from Chanel?


And if you swapped out that mannequin for one that looked like this, you could hang additional beads on her arms.


We have several mannequins in this series (we call them Gabriella) with interesting arm poses that would be ideal for hanging beads on.

This store in Berlin made a “dress”out of beads which they displayed on a dress form. Pretty cool, huh?


We also like this idea for a window display for a bead store.

A row of shelves (which you can buy cheaply from Ikea) can be mounted to panels so you can display various vignettes like this. You could alternate using mannequin hands in different poses.

For other creative ways to display beads, follow our Pinterest board on jewelry displays.


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7 years ago

very ingenious, but what a difference. Especially like third picture down of mannequin

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