Just like a different hairstyle and/or hair color can change your whole persona, the same is true with mannequins when you buy them a new wig.

A different wig creates a custom look and makes your displays more visual appealing. Here’s why:


The right hairstyle can help sell and outfit. For summer clothing you might want a long blonde wig, for fall clothing a red wig, for evening wear and more sophisticated or sleek wig. And if you are selling vintage inspired clothing then a retro looking wig.

Think about how your own personality changes slightly depending on your hair style or hair color ( or if you are having a bad hair day).


A mannequin also takes on a different aura depending upon the wig it is wearing. And no need to worry that the carpet doesn’t match the drapes.

With a different wig, the appearance of a single mannequin can be altered dramatically.


Your customers will think you have multiple mannequins when all you did was put on a different wig.

And it is not just realistic mannequins than can wear a wig, but egghead mannequins as well.


While designer hard cap wigs and costs upwards of $300 each, we sell a variety of budget priced mannequin wigs at Mannequin Madness.


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7 years ago

Is the Rootstein mannequin for sale?

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