Vintage mannequins that you find at a garage sale or Ebay are often missing their stand.

So the only way to make them stay upright is to lean them against a wall. Not a very sturdy or reliable thing to do.

That is because most of the bases on the older mannequins were made out of glass. And over time the glass would shatter or break and people often threw away both the glass base AND the metal rod that connected the flange on the glass base to the mannequin’s body.

Nowadays, most mannequin bases are made out of metal or aluminum. We sell two styles of mannequin bases which work with most of the NEW mannequins on the market.


One of our customers bought the one in the photo above and found a way to hack it to make it work for a vintage mannequin he had.

We have NO IDEA exactly how he did it (so we won’t be able to answer your questions) But in the five star product review he gave us he included a few instructions on how to do which we have reprinted below.

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★★★★★ “William”

William T: Nice heavy duty stand. It is not a direct fit for all vintage mannequins but, with a trip to the local welder, it can be altered.

To do this, the toe rod needs to be cut short. Leave about 1/2 inch of the toe rod. Then, cut off the hollow section of the square tube about an inch above the screw.

Flip it over and have the square tube welded to the base of the toe rod.

Weld the inside of the square tube to the cut off base of the toe rod for a more secure connection. Now the stand is ready to hold your vintage mannequin