Need a mannequin whose entire body can be posed in different positions? We have a new product line of male mannequins that fits the bill.

In the past we could only offer bendable mannequins with a cloth body. These not only were not  great for outdoor use, but they are not as durable as fiberglass, which are what non-bendable mannequins are made out of.

Plus they didn’t look realistic looking (well as realistic as you could expect a mannequin to look)

The bendable mannequins were either cloth mannequins with an egghead face like this:


Or a cloth with fiberglass head like this:


Or these deluxe versions (meaning expensive) with an abstract which are the preferred choice of our military customers.

But now we have these two styles of fiberglass articulated mannequins.

We have this one with a head and a realistic face.


And this one with an egghead face and is available in a black or white.


At Mannequin Madness we strive to provide you with the widest range or choices of mannequin items. See ALL our bendable male mannequins here (and we have their female counterparts)