We discovered this free Ebook from the Creative Income blog on the best tips and tricks for selling at Arts and Craft shows. Since many of our customers are crafters or makers we often blog about resources that can help this community be more successful in selling their wares.

Part of the reason we are sharing this book (since we don’t earn a commission from a free book) is because we believe in “pay it forward” and creating good karma.

But the other reason (okay a BIG part) is that experts in selling at craft shows  emphasize the importance of a creative trade show booth.

And since we sell new and used mannequins, forms and jewelry displays, we love it when a third party validates how essential these items are for generating sales at craft shows.

Whether you are selling clothing, jewelry or handbags you are going to need some type of display fixture to make your booth look creative.


Isn’t this dress form a creative and space efficient way of displaying wristlets?  (credit to crafter BeckyOh and the Crafts how Designs Blog)

Having a booth at a craft fair offers you the opportunity to set-up your own little shop within a designated spot.

It’s fun to approach setting-up your booth as you might set-up your own little storefront.  It provides you with a blank canvas that you can customize with your own furniture, displays, accessories, props, backdrops, decorations and more.

And at Mannequin Madness we believe that a creative and eye-catching display does not have to COST at lot to LOOK like it does. Using recycled mannequins, or renting them or repurposing something into a display fixture are all great ways to stretch your visual merchandising budget.

We have a wide variety of new and used mannequins, dress forms and jewelry forms – something for every need and price point.