So many independent retailers make the mistake of believing that dressing a mannequin and placing it in their store window is enough of an attention getter to attract people to come inside the stores.

Big department stores can do this because they have big advertising budgets and other marketing campaigns to attract customers.

Independent retailers don’t have such deep pockets, so that is why their window displays are critical for  creating buzz. It is free space, so why not use it to your advantage to advertise for you 24/7?


Even mega retailers like Ralph Lauren and Anthropologie  – who have both a loyal following and powerful marketing  – know the value of maximizing their window displays.


Their windows don’t just feature products – they  convey emotion and build brand awareness. When you look at their windows you have a sense of what of the shopping experience and price point is going to be like once you come inside.


And retailers like American Apparel use their window displays to shock and provoke, which gets them a ton of publicity. Like this one with a mannequin wearing lingerie and a merkin.

“Windows that WOW” don’t happen by accident. If you want to pull buyers in and sell merchandise quickly you have to make creative window displays. There’s an art and business behind irresistible window displays.

And the good news is that such displays don’t have to be costly to create. There is an easy to read book on the market I highly recommend that will teach you practical tips for creating dynamic window displays.


“The Big Book of Window Displays” will teach you how to create window that wow.  And it is written not from an academic point of view or a consultant, but by someone who has actually been in the trenches as a store owner.

Author Katie Holmes is a legendary expert in the resale industry and author the the blog “Too Good To Be Threw.”  Even though the book is geared primarily for owners of resale stores, the information can be applied to any retail industry.

Her primary audience tends to have tiny budgets and limited staff to create displays, so she is quite aware of how to advise retailers “to do more with less.” Repurposing and DIY is her motto.

The book shows you how to choose, create, and sell everything with affordable, time-effective ways to DIY your own “Windows Worth a Thousand Words.”

And for future more inspiration on how creative window displays.

After you have purchased the book, you will love to follow our Pinterest boards, which has window display inspiration from around the world. Our boards are divided by theme, industry and holiday to make it easy to find what you need.


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Kate Holmes
7 years ago

Thanks for the kind words! Isn’t it incredible, how much a great display will draw people in to your shop? While Too Good to be Threw’s window display board on Pinterest at https://www.pinterest.com/2good2bthrew/windows-4-consignment-thrift-resale-and-other-shop/ are not as neatly organized as yours, we do pin the “most do-able on a dime” ideas for shops whose budgets are thin as a … well, you get it!

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