Our mannequin boneyard is very popular with mosaic artists because they can find distressed mannequins and mannequin parts at deeply discounted prices.


We have created this Pinterest beautiful images of art projects created by mosaic artists from mannequins and mannequin parts.


The mosaic artists who get the most value from shopping at Mannequin Madness are the ones who are able to come to our warehouse and see all the items we have in our boneyard that we DON’T get a chance to post on our warehouse.


Plus, they don’t have to pay for shipping costs. We hate the fact that the size and weight of some of our mannequins make them expensive to ship – even if the actual cost of the mannequin is inexpensive.



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Shane McQuillan
Shane McQuillan
7 years ago

I love your Mannaequins, we are involved in spray painting mannequins but this is so artfull what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work

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